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Who & What is Reddy?

Hello. My name is Salem Shahatit and I founded Reddy in 2023 in Toronto, Canada. After being in the e-commerce space since 2016 as a re-seller (phones, clothing, almost everything), I decided to venture down a path that was focused on undeniably improving people's lives - and not just selling or dropshipping widgets on online marketplaces. I had made a good living, however, there was a missing sense of purpose to my business and I felt a desire inside of me to create a product or service that added life-changing value for people. Money wasn't really a concern and I desired to make a contribution for people and be of service.

My main purpose was to create a health supplement that significantly improved people's lives. Personally, I have been taking supplements (most of them in the Reddy formula - especially the B's, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc..) independently, since 2015, for the purpose of general health, physical & mental energy, digestion, physical fitness, cognitive enhancement and more. I have always day dreamed about blending all of these things that I take independently in pill form, into just 1 scoop.. to simply make it easier to consume, rather than downing 10 pills in the morning. But, I thought that creating a supplement was too hard and couldn't be done unless you had millions of dollars. Years went on and I never really considered it seriously.

After my re-selling days were over, I made the decision to let go and allow God to guide me to the best path - and to stop relying on my own decision making, which ultimately until then, was not leading me to the "right" business.

Things began to happen thanks to Him, and I was guided to making my own supplement - Reddy, in the beginning of 2023. The formulation was complete within a few weeks, and the manufacturing process began in the United States. I began making advertisements on social media and collecting pre-orders for our official ship-out date on July 1st, 2023.

My main intention here is to really help people. And to be honest, it is a difficult thing when you are running a business, because it can be easy to be swayed towards focusing on profits. But ultimately, from years of experience as a merchant, I've learned that when you really focus on helping people and doing your absolute best to give them a product that benefits them, success is pretty much destined - it's something I don't think about too much because it's promised when coming from those intentions. And, in my younger days, when I was focusing on just "selling" - things were hard! You had ups and downs, and it was constant hell. Because the intentions were wrong and the foundation was sloppy.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to update this page soon with success stories of our product. I wasn't sure if people actually read the "About Us" page on websites, but I thought some people might be interested to know who's behind the product and the company's main mission here.

If you would like to place a pre-order for the Reddy product, you can click here. You can either place a one-time purchase or subscribe monthly. If you're unsure or want to try a free 3-day sample first before making a decision (you just pay the shipping) - click here. And if you just wanna chill and hang out, and read some of our articles, click here. And if you have any questions or comments, call us anytime at +1 416 665 2442 or email at

(Above was written on May 5, 2023)

Welcome to Your New Wellness Journey

Our Story

Rooted in Passion, Grown from Personal Triumph

Mission and Vision

Elevating Health, One Scoop at a Time

Product Highlights

Nature's Symphony in Every Jar

Reddy Red Superfood Powder isn't just a blend; it's a symphony of nature's BEST. With 34 handpicked, natural ingredients, each scoop is a melody of fruits, vegetables, and life-enhancing nutrients. Experience the SURGE of energy, the shield of immunity, the harmony of digestive health, and the overall symphony of wellness. All this, crafted without any added sugar, proudly made in the USA, and imbued with the promise of nature’s purity.

Chicory root with probiotics powder on a white base.
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Quality and Sourcing

Our Promise: Pure, Sustainable, Trusted

Transformations That Inspire

Every jar of Reddy tells a story of transformation and joy. Hear from our cherished customers, who've embraced a new chapter of health and vitality. Their journeys are a source of inspiration, a testament to the power of nature and the strength of the human spirit.

These stories aren’t just about change; they're about a newfound zest for life.

Our Goals

Dreaming BIG for Your Wellness.

Embark on Your Wellness Adventure

Are you ready to embrace a life of vibrant health?

Explore our world, where every scoop is a promise of natural wellness. Join our community, share your journey, and be part of a movement that cherishes health and vitality. Your wellness adventure awaits, and we’re excited to be part of it.

1 Bottle


$1.66 Per Serving



Per Bottle

90-day money back guarantee

3 Bottles


$1.49 Per Serving



Per Bottle

90-day money back guarantee

6 Bottles


$1.33 Per Serving



Per Bottle

90-day money back guarantee

Crafted to perfection.






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