Why I Made Reddy4

First of all, THANK YOU for believing in me! My purpose is to create a Reds Superfood health supplement that's going to change your life.

'How do you know that!?'

Because it changed mine.

Because it works for me.

It worked on all the people around me. My brother.. my dad.. my friends...

YES. I USE my OWN product. Every single day.

Before I started this, I sat down with myself and I said that I will NOT SELL a supplement that I don't use myself. 🙅‍♂️

 I had to be convinced to my VERY CORE that this was worthy and valuable to amazing health-conscious people like YOU.

How can you sell something you DON'T believe in?!

I can't. I NEED my sleep at night, and I can't have it without knowing I gave people something worthy for their hard earned cash.

Plus... there's karma. Why would I want those bad vibes?


It's going to be a Reds Superfood Supplement. I'm packing it with high-quality ingredients from the BEST suppliers in the world. 

There's going to be a TONS of herbs, fruits & vegetables, probiotics and B-vitamins. 

.. The PERFECT mix to make the 2.0 version of YOU

Since I was 17 years old, I've been testing vitamins & herbs on myself to treat my skin condition that couldn't be solved with medications. 

After trying for YEARS, I realized that I LOVED the way I felt because of the mixes I was consuming...

...Even AFTER I healed myself, I found myself stuck to this lifestyle! 

I felt more focused, fresh, clean & just straight up READY to tackle on the day.. I also noticed my digestion was better, my stomach was flatter, my attitude was more positive, and those cobwebs that messed up my mental clarity were GONE.

Of course... I still had to exercise, drink plenty of water, keep a positive attitude, eat healthy... maintenance stuff.

And on the days I didn't stay up-to-date with my 'health stuff'... guess what? 

I wasn't 100% ready to go. 

Even today I have 'days off'.. and it happens again! So, I said that I was going to make a Reds Superfood supplement that I'm going to take MYSELF every single day... 

And if I get the benefits, I'm gonna share it with the WORLD and help people like you who care about their health.

They told me to not send such a long email, but I don't care about the experts' 'opinions'. This message was from the HEART and I hope it resonates with you.

I wish you the BEST of health, and I hope I'm a part of your journey.

If you have any questions, please ask me here in a reply, or call our office at +1 416 665 2442

Salem Shahatit 

Founder & CEO


1 Bottle


$1.66 Per Serving



Per Bottle

90-day money back guarantee

3 Bottles


$1.49 Per Serving



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90-day money back guarantee

6 Bottles


$1.33 Per Serving



Per Bottle

90-day money back guarantee

Crafted to perfection.






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