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Benefits of Combining Beet Root Powder & Pomegranate Powder

So what are the health benefits of consuming both Beet Root Powder and Pomegranate Powder together...?

When combined together, these two ingredients synergize to enhance each other's benefits, offering an AMAZING blend that...

BOOSTS cardiovascular health, energy and stamina, potent ANTI-OXIDANT support and anti-inflammatory effects on the entire bodily system.

You can either purchase them separately, or make things convenient and take a scoop or two of Reddy - our supplement that combines both of these ingredients to deliver the benefits in one easy delicious scoop...

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Beet Root boosts heart health because it's rich in something called nitrates - which is something your body converts into "Nitric Oxide". 

... This "nitric oxide" dilates your blood vessels, effectively importing your blood flow and POTENTIALLY lowering your blood pressure..

These nitrates are responsible for the improved stamina and energy because OXYGEN flows more freely throughout your entire body. Perfect pre-workout or before exercise. 

It also contains something called "betalains". 

They're doing something called "anti-inflammation". Basically, inflammation is when your white blood cells produce substances to protect you from infections and outside invaders. 

However, many people have chronic inflammation where these substances are released from the white blood cells even without the presence of infections, which throws your body off balance and causes illness - like arthritis. 

So, beet root powder can relax these white blood cells and fix the triggering of their release. 

And... if you need a healthy liver - then beet root is your buddy. The antioxidants inside detoxify your liver, and protect your liver cells from damage. 


Now, pomegranate improves your blood flow, and can actually reduce your "arterial stiffness" - making things more relaxed and chilled out...

This lowers the risk of anything happening that's heart related, and keeps your heart strong and healthy..

It's also really high in antioxidants - which really helps lower inflammation in the entire body and protects cells from "oxidative stress".

... Oxidative stress is when there's too much dirty stuff in the body, and your body has an inability to fight those free radicals off. 

Pomegranate can actually DEFEND your cells from these free radicals so you don't get sick from them.

There's also been studies where pomegranate can potentially slow the progress of cancer cell growth and even cause death to those cancer cells.

And last but not least... pomegranate can promote healthy digestion, and reduce symptoms of gut inflammation and even irritable bowel syndrome!


When you combine these together, oh man... you're a champ. 

Again.. you can either buy these separately and deal with the mess in your kitchen, sourcing actual good ingredients, and all that other stuff...

Or you can get them in one easy scoop of REDDY

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